The nights grow cold
My search for gold
Is leading nowhere

Whichever lonely road I take
It seems to go where

It's a fight to survive

Just until tomorrow

How can I display
What I know I'm worthy of
When they turn me away

The doors are closed to such as I
A boy from nowhere

But not to those who merely buy
The right to go where

They'll be met with respect
Not humiliation

A man's place on earth
I have come to realize
Is decided by birth

So what's the future
No matter where I go
I will still belong...

In Andalusia
Where we don't know where
The next penny's coming from
Something's wrong

I'm bound to Spain
I won't remain
A boy from nowhere

There has to be
A place for me
And I must go there

I don't fantasize

Unlike a million others

Who must bow and scrape
For a means of escape
Is to flourish a cape

I'll fight all odds
And fight the Gods

If they oppose me

I have to win
I won't give in
No one who knows me

Would expect me to fail
For the want of trying

Not a man alive
Had to beg or steal or fight
more than me to survive

So what's the future
No matter where I go
I will still belong

In Andalusia
Where good honest men grow weak
and the rich grow strong
Something's wrong

Another dawn another boy
A boy from nowhere

My destiny will guarantee
And I must go there

It's a fight to survive just until tomorrow

One more mouth to feed
And the way things are round here
That's the last thing they need